10 Easy To Sew DIY Lunch Bags And Pouches For Kids And Adults

With so many food allergies these days, it has become really common for kids to take their lunches to school. Many adults also pack a lunch every day to help cut the costs of eating out every day. If you send your kids to school with a homemade lunch or take one yourself, I have a treat for you. I have a list of 10 of the most adorable and easy to sew lunch bags that you can make in just a few minutes. All of these DIY lunch boxes are super easy to sew – even if you have never used a sewing machine before and they will all help you to save money over buying school lunches or eating out at a fast food joint every day.
Taking your lunch is a really economical way to enjoy your mid-day meal. While you could certainly treat yourself to lunch out on occasion, eating out every day can get expensive. Considering that the normal fast food meal costs around $8 per person, that is a whopping $40 per week in lunches for just one person. And, if your kids eat lunch at school, that can get expensive too. At just $2 per lunch, that’s $10 per week per child. These costs can really add up. But, you can combat that cost and feed your family a healthier and more satisfying lunch by simply packing your own – and these 10 easy to sew DIY lunch bags will help you. And, if you want a great recipe to add to your lunch menu, try these yummy chocolate chip cookies.

These bags are really cute and perfect for toting your lunch back and forth. You don’t need a lot of material or even extensive sewing knowledge to make any of them. And, if you are a beginner to sewing in general, be sure to take a look at these 80 ingenious sewing hacks. You will definitely wish that you had known about these sooner. So we’ve established that taking your lunch can save you money. It can also ensure that your kids eat. If you have picky eaters in the house, school lunches just may not cut it. When you send their lunches, you can be sure that they’re taking something that they like – and they can take it in these really easy to DIY lunch bags!

Table of Contents

1. Easy Button Lunch Bags

Easy Button Lunch BagsThese button lunch bags save you so much time. They are super easy to make and you can use any fabric that you want. Plus, the top buttons down so it keeps your lunch items safe and secure and the button takes much less time to sew on than a zipper or other closure. These are really cheap to make, too, especially if you have some leftover fabric on hand. This is a great project to upcycle leftover fabric scraps.

Pattern: alemonsqueezyhome

2. Homemade Chubby Lunch Tote

Homemade Chubby Lunch ToteThis DIY chubby lunch tote easily rivals anything that you can buy in a department store. I bought one of these several months ago and paid nearly $20 for it. You can make this one for less than half of that! Plus, it’s a pretty easy project to sew and it’s really roomy so you have enough space for all of your favorite lunch foods. You can even fit a couple of water bottles in here with your lunch!

Pattern: sewcanshe

3. Easy To Sew Cloth Lunch Sack

Easy To Sew Cloth Lunch SackThese little lunch sacks are really easy to sew and perfect for kids. They close with snaps so there is no zipper to attach and they have enough room for all of your little one’s favorite foods. You can make this one lined or unlined and if you prefer, you can attach Velcro for the closure instead of snaps. It’s really easy to customize this one and it’s perfect for holding those smaller bowls and containers.

Pattern: ifonlytheywouldnap

4. DIY Handled Customizable Lunch Sack

DIY Handled Customizable Lunch SackThis little lunch sack has handles and the pattern is really easy to customize so you can make it in exactly the size that you need. You can even add a pocket to this one to hold an ice pack! The original pattern dimensions are very roomy but again, you can change that if you need to. Add a flap or a zipper or even a pouch – this one is super easy to personalize and really quick to sew together.

Pattern: thelongthread

5. Sturdy DIY Vinyl Fold Over Lunch Bag

Sturdy DIY Vinyl Fold Over Lunch BagThis vinyl fabric lunch bag is really sturdy, so it is perfect for your little ones. The top folds over to hold your food inside and this one is so very easy to make. If you need something that you know will last for a year or two, this is the one. Plus, you can personalize it a bit by adding Velcro or snaps or shortening the top and adding a zipper instead of the fold over.

Pattern: alemonsqueezyhome

6. Easy Lightweight Kids’ Lunch Bag

Easy Lightweight Kids’ Lunch BagThis little lunch bag is perfect for kids and it is really easy to put together. It’s lightweight so it’s perfect even for your littlest little one and you can choose to sew a bag or pouch design. The zipper keeps all of their lunch items perfectly in place, although you could substitute snaps or a button enclosure or even Velcro if you prefer not to have to sew in a zipper. Or you can try your hand at sewing in an invisible zipper to make it really interesting.

Pattern: dreamalittlebigger

7. Simple DIY Insulated Lunch Bag

Simple DIY Insulated Lunch BagKeeping your lunch cold is essential, which is why this insulated bag is so great. This is also a really easy sewing project and one that will only take you an hour or so to complete, even if this is your very first sewing craft. It has a nice sturdy handle and a Velcro enclosure, so you don’t need to know how to sew in zippers. Plus, it is really room and will hold so many lunch items!

Pattern: so-sew-easy

8. Cute DIY Monster Snack Bags

These little monster bags are perfect for taking snacks to school. They’re super easy to sew and so adorable. The tutorial is so easy to follow and what kid wouldn’t just love taking these cute little bags to school? You might also want to make a bag for yourself to take your snacks to work. They’re easy and require very little fabric to make.


9. Drawstring Tote Style Lunch Bag

Drawstring Tote Style Lunch BagThis drawstring bag looks like something that you would pick up at a high end department store. It seriously has designer bag written all over it and it is super easy to create. The bag closes inside with a drawstring to keep your lunch items safe and secure and the outside looks like a small tote bag. It’s very stylish and so perfect for toting your lunch to the office.

Pattern: craftpassion

10. Love Your Lunch Box

Love Your Lunch BoxThis adorable lunch box pattern is on Etsy for $10 and it is a really easy one to sew. This one has so many wonderful features and it easily rivals those $20 lunch boxes that you see in department stores. The box has side pockets and an easy to open and close Velcro flap. You can make this in so many different designs – all from the same pattern and the box is huge inside so there’s room for everything that your kiddos need to take for their lunch.

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